Free endpoints and info

Free (as in 🍺) Algorand API access

Node API

NetworkUniversal (browser & backend)Back-End only (bot / microservice)
MainNethttps://mainnet-api.algonode.cloudhttp://mainnet-api.algonode.network (preview)
TestNethttps://testnet-api.algonode.cloudhttp://testnet-api.algonode.network (preview)

Indexer API

NetworkUniversal (browser & backend)Back-End (bot / microservice)
MainNethttps://mainnet-idx.algonode.cloudhttp://mainnet-idx.algonode.network (preview)
TestNethttps://testnet-idx.algonode.cloudhttp://testnet-idx.algonode.network (preview)


AlgoNode hosts vanilla Algod API and indexer API - just drop the URL in your SDK and you are good to go.
Do not add /v2 or / at the end of the endpoint.

Click on a Front-End URL to proceed to online Algod Swagger or Indexer Swagger documentation / API playground

Front-End endpoints
  • should be used by browser based SDKs
  • are SSL and CORS enabled
  • are geographically balanced by Cloudflare
  • have per source IP limits of 50 rps with request shaping
  • might have non default error body for 5XX codes (Cloudflare)
  • can be used universally by frontend and backend
Back-End endpoints:
  • are pure HTTP/1.1, no SSL
  • have lower latency than front end endpoints
  • are better suited for back-end use (less CPU, faster response when not using keep-alive)
  • are geographically balanced by Google Cloud DNS
  • have per source IP limits of 50 rps with request shaping
BE endpoints latencies

Click the Keycdn report below to test the latencies yourself.


API Changes

We lied - the hosted API has some minor differences:

  • we return 404 code instead of 500 code for /v2/blocks queries when block is not found in the ledger


The API requests are rate limited per source IP address with request shaping. A burst of 90 rps is allowed and all responses are delayed artificially to make sure that (if called sequentially) they will not exceed the quota. Queries exceeding the 90rps in burst or sustained 60rps will get HTTP 429 error.

If your code is doing synchronous (as in await) requests in sequence (one after another) then our load balancers will make sure they do not exceed 60 rps. Otherwise please make sure that parallel threads follow the rules:

  • add 100ms delay between requests
  • use no more than 5 parallel threads
  • use back off algorithm for retries in case of errors, unexpected results, loops

AlgoNode is able to issue temporary tokens that allow TENFOLD increase of limits in case of emergencies (AIRDROPS, etc)


  • All APIs are accessible without any tokens.
  • Support for dashboard tokens is coming.


See FAQ for extra info on why all this is free - with no strings attached.
Just consider becoming a commercial customer once your project becomes profitable.


Anonymized logs with all requests to the free endpoints are public and accessible through our dashboard Dashboard

Read more about our dashboard in this blog post.

Example usage in SDK

const token = '';
const server = 'https://testnet-api.algonode.cloud';
const port = 443;
const client = new algosdk.Algodv2(token, server, port);

(async () => {
  console.log(await client.status().do());
})().catch((e) => {
     providerEnv: {
       ALGO_TOKEN: '',
       ALGO_SERVER: "https://mainnet-api.algonode.cloud",
       ALGO_PORT: '',
       ALGO_NODE_WRITE_ONLY: 'no',
       ALGO_INDEXER_SERVER: "https://mainnet-idx.algonode.cloud",
     }, MyAlgoConnect}));

API geographic regions

AlgoNode hosts APIs in multiple regions around the World. The table below show network API availability per region.
When a region has no dedicated infra for a network the API queries are redirected to the nearest supported region.
TestNet API in USA-west is handled by USA-east. BetaNet is handled by EU-Central only.
Some regions have Free API, some only commercial API, and some have both.

Full RegionRegion TypeMainNetTestNetBetaNet
EU-Central (Germany)full✅Free
US-East (Ashburn)full✅Free
Edge RegionRegion TypeMainNetTestNetBetaNet
USA-West (SF)edge✅Free
India (Bangalore)edge✅Free
  • Full regions contain both edge and archive nodes & indexers
  • Edge regions serve 85% to 95% of requests locally from edge nodes/indexers and forward the rest to the closest Full region

Preflight (CORS) queries are handled locally in 200+ locations to speed up front-end API requests that generate OPTIONS requests before each call.

Secret APIs

Some secret endpoints exists but they :

  • are supported only in commercial offerings
  • are made possible with our open source code

Apps that use AlgoNode free endpoints

SDKs that set AlgoNode as default API provider (❤️)