“Boostrap” package.

Use cases

✅ DEXes with account portfolio analytics ✅ Fallback for own indexer ✅ Dope analytics site
✅ NFTs ✅ Asset Mgmnt. ✅ REACH dApps ✅ JS dApps using algosdk.Indexer

This package is adds SLA and our unmatched R&D support on top of unlimited community free endpoints.
Low latency, high throughput endpoints with 100% Alogd+Indexer API coverage + performance patches.

Checkout our status page to see all our geo locations in real-time.

Compare this package to other providers

featureAlgonode BootstrapAlgonode Index of AlgoOthers
Price$256, no overages$1024-$3096, no overages$50 up to infinity
Algod API
Indexer API🚫
API analyticsshareddedicated
Custom endpoints🚫
Algorand exclusive team🚫
Patchesahead of releasecustom scheduleon schedule
Req per sec60003000/6000/900020-800
HA Regions221,2 or 3a few
Node Ping Latency50ms avg, 120ms maxup to 300msup to 300ms
Indexer Response latency<20ms p95<20ms p98not optimized
Indexer parametersall enabled, 10k resourcesas requesteddefault limits
SLO99.99%, 4hrs response99.95%, 1hr response
phone support
no SLO, >8hrs response
SLA1x reimbursement10x reimbursement🚫
R&D support1hr/mo2hrs/mo🚫

Included in the package

  • 1h of R&D monthly
  • Non-cloudflare endpoints (BE)
  • Clouflare proxied endpoints (FE)
  • Testnet & Betanet endpoints (no SLO/SLA)
  • Realtime monitoring dashboard


  • 99.99% service level objective (SLO)
  • 1x reimbursement for each minute below SLO
  • Zero downtime upgrades (no maintenance windows)
  • No per request quotas / overages
  • No vendor lock-in
  • First invoice after 30 days of 🥰
  • Proper european invoicing
  • Zero commitment (you can stop mid month)


  • no setup fee
  • 256 USDC after the first month in production