Index of algoNodes

“Index of algo” package.

Use cases

✅ DEXes with account portfolio analytics ✅ Fallback for own indexer ✅ Dope analytics site
✅ NFTs ✅ Asset Mgmnt. ✅ REACH dApps ✅ JS dApps using algosdk.Indexer
🟡 Historical Analytics site

This package is the most versatile solution suitable for almost all use cases.
Low latency, high throughput endpoints with 100% Alogd+Indexer API coverage + performance patches.

This package can be augmented with FTL 1.0 block proxy™ that delivers new blocks to the indexer /v2/block endpoints using “ZERO INDEXING” - as soon as they are committed to the ledger without waiting for indexing. Latest (confirmed!) block appears on the hosted indexer endpoint sooner then on any local/on-prem indexer “breaking the laws of physics”. FTL 1.0 proxy is scheduled for release in May'22.

Checkout a simple 3D Algo Multiverse explorer that uses Node API only.

Technical details

The service consists of 8 nodes, 8 indexers and 8 balancers:

  • 1 full nodes per region (2 nodes total)
  • 3 “caching” catchup nodes per region (6 total)
  • 1 full indexers per region (2 indexers total)
  • 3 “caching” truncated indexers per region (6 total)
  • 3 dedicated active-active L7 openresty balancers per region (6 total)
  • a dedicated failover L3 HA-propxy balancer per region (2 total)

L7 load-balancers have special lua logic that combined with “last-block oracle” allows intelligent split between truncated and archival indexers

Truncated indexer is AlgoNode exclusive solution that allows us to handle 95% indexer API requests on a 40GB indexer instead of 2TB full indexer.
We use configuration, infrastructure, balancing and SQL magic - no indexer code changes.

Regional Service schema

The service includes two regions , each with the following setup

flowchart TB s(back-end) --HTTP/IPv6---> eu-lb-ha[Failover L3-LB ] b(browser) --HTTPS/IPv4--> cf cf(CloudFlare) --HTTP/IPv6--> eu-lb-ha subgraph eu[external resources] eu-lb-ha --> eu-lb[3x Active-Active L7-LB] eu-lb --95%--> eu-idx-ro[Idx API] eu-lb --5%--> feu-idx-ro[Idx API] eu-lb --98%--> eu-nodemem[3x node catchup] eu-lb --2%--> eu-nodearch[1x node archival] eu-idx-ro --read only--> eu-pg-idx[40GB Postgres DB] eu-idx-rw[idx Writer] eu-nodemem --> eu-algostrm[FTL 2.0 VirtualNode] eu-algostrm --> eu-idx-rw eu-nodearch --> eu-algostrm eu-idx-rw --> eu-pg-idx feu-idx-rw --> feu-pg-idx[2TB Postgres DB] feu-idx-ro --read only--> feu-pg-idx eu-nodearch --> feu-idx-rw[idx Writer] subgraph eui[3x Truncated Indexer] eu-idx-ro eu-idx-rw eu-pg-idx end subgraph euif[1x Full Indexer] feu-idx-ro feu-idx-rw feu-pg-idx end end subgraph c[Shared Infra] z[Zabbix] g[Graylog] t[AlgoNode\nRelay Nodes] end z -..-> eu g -..-> eu t -..-> eu

Included in the package

  • 1h of R&D monthly
  • Custom DNS for endpoints
  • Non-cloudflare endpoints (BE)
  • Clouflare proxied endpoints (FE)
  • Custom security (Tokens, JWTs, …)
  • Hierarchical request limits
  • Testnet endpoints (no SLA)
  • Realtime monitoring dashboard


  • 99.95% service availability (SLA)
  • 10x reimbursement for each minute below SLA
  • Zero downtime upgrades (no maintenance windows)
  • No per request quotas / surcharges
  • No vendor lock-in, setup replication
  • First invoice after 30 days of 🥰
  • Proper european invoicing
  • Zero commitment (you can stop mid month)


AlgoNode dual-region

  • 1024 USDCa setup fee
  • 2048 USDCa after the first month in production

Two supported AlgoNode regions of choice.

On-Premise / Customer VPC